2009 Poll Results

Poll: What method do you prefer to learn new software?
Attend Training Class:10 votes
Web-based Training/Webinars:8 votes
Go through Tutorials:47 votes
Read the manual (self-teaching):27 votes
Poll opened 07/22/2008, closed on 10/27/09

Poll: What platform do you use for CAE computation?
Windows (32-bit):2224 votes
Windows (64-bit, EM64T/AMD64):1209 votes
Linux (32-bit):85 votes
Linux (64-bit, EM64T/AMD64):313 votes
Linux (64-bit, Itanium):23 votes
SUN Solaris:18 votes
HP-UX (PA RISC):6 votes
HP-UX (Itanium):10 votes
HP Tru64:6 votes
SGI IRIX:14 votes
IBM AIX:6 votes
Other OS or variant not listed here:23 votes
Poll opened 06/28/2008, closed on 07/22/09

Poll: What CFD software do you or others at your company use?
ANSYS Flotran:48 votes
CFX (including CFX-Flo):100 votes
FLUENT (including FloWizard, Icepak, FLUENT for CATIA, etc.):33 votes
POLYFLOW:6 votes
ICEM CFD Cart3D:12 votes
FIDAP, CFX-4, TASCflow:0 votes
Other CFD software/3rd party product:15 votes
None:39 votes
Poll opened 05/18/2008, closed on 07/22/09

Poll: How do you prefer to receive/share technical information on the internet?
Mailing lists such as XANSYS:16 votes
Forums, such as the ANSYS Community Portal on the ANSYS Customer Portal:14 votes
PDF files such as the ANSYS Advantage magazine:31 votes
Wikis, such as Wikipedia:18 votes
Blog format:3 votes
No preference:8 votes
Poll opened 05/18/2008, closed on 07/22/09

Poll: What software do you use for electromagnetic field analyses?
ANSYS Products (e.g., ANSYS, Icemax):53 votes
Ansoft Products (e.g., HFSS, Maxwell):18 votes
Other 3rd party product:5 votes
None (don't perform Emag analyses):22 votes
Poll opened 04/19/2008, closed on 07/22/09

Poll: What software do you use for ANSYS preprocessing?
ANSYS:113 votes
Workbench Simulation:83 votes
ICEM CFD/AI*Environment:8 votes
No GUI, mostly input files (batch runs):45 votes
Other (3rd party preprocessor):11 votes
Poll opened 04/02/2008, closed on 07/22/09