2003 Poll Results

Poll: Do you use kinematics software at your organization?
Yes, we currently use kinematics: 49 votes
No, we have no need for kinematics: 49 votes
No, but I wish we had kinematics: 39 votes
Poll opened 06/25/2002, closed 10/04/03

Poll: What is the most important aspect of each new ANSYS release?
New Analysis Enhancements and Features: 59 votes
Improved CAD Interoperability: 56 votes
Meshing Improvements: 46 votes
General Program Robustness & Bug Fixes: 72 votes
Solver Performance Improvements: 26 votes
Compatibility and Consistency with Older Versions: 12 votes
None of These are Important: 6 votes
Poll opened 03/06/2003, closed 06/25/03

Poll: Do you use ANSYS/LS-DYNA or another preprocessor/postprocessor?
ANSYS: 83 votes
LS-POST: 14 votes
Other: 7 votes
Don't use LS-DYNA: 29 votes
Poll opened 09/11/2002, closed 03/05/03